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About Miss Trans Global Australia

Miss Trans Global Australia is a franchise of Miss Trans Global, an international digital event held to bring trans feminine individuals from all backgrounds together to showcase their abundant talents, intelligence and creativity to raise awareness on transgender issues worldwide.
On the 12th of September 2020, Rebeckah Loveday, an actor, model, presenter and transgender advocate became the first winner of the title Duchess Global, representing Australia in Miss Trans Global 2020 pageant based in London, United Kingdom for transgender women from all around the world. In Miss Loveday’s Queen Speech, she outlined her plan saying:

‘I hope to raise awareness in humanising the trans experience around the world through education and promoting positive trans narratives. I would like to continue to promote existing global transgender organisations and raise funds for grassroot organisations within Australia.’
Rebeckah Loveday
Duchess Global 2020

About The Competition

The contestants of Miss Trans Global are set creative challenges every week in a bid to showcase their charisma and talent. The organisation’s definition of a queen is someone who is a voice for the voiceless and marries the ambition of helping marginalised communities that are often discriminated against and persecuted due to misconceptions.
The winners of the Miss Trans Global 2020 titles are Mela Franco Habijan of the Philippines who won Queen Global, Australia’s Rebeckah Loveday, Duchess Global (first runner-up); Ghana’s Veso Golden, Marchioness Global (second runner-up), who also won the Stylish Star of the Year and Gifted Idol of the Year; South Africa’s Semakaleng Sma Mothapo, Countess Global (third runner-up); and Sweden’s Danielly Drugge, Baroness Global (fourth runner-up), who likewise bagged the Queen of Hearts award. Niña Marie Similatan, who won the Popular Goddess of The Year award.

Miss Trans Global Australia

Miss Trans Global Australia 2021 is being hosted by Trans Sisters United (TSU), a not-for-profit community group based in Melbourne, Australia. TSU creates projects that endeavours to benefit the transgender, gender diverse & cisgender female community through advocacy, awareness and community collaboration.
Miss Trans Global Australia is a digital pageant where finalists will need to showcase their talent, intelligence, creativity and style through weekly challenges to claim the title of Miss Trans Global Australia 2021.
Miss Trans Global Australia 2021 is a digital pageant and will be broadcast through social media platforms on the 3rd April 2021 in a 90 minute production in line with Transgender Day of Visibility on the 31st March 2021.

The winner of Miss Trans Global Australia will win the title of Miss Trans Global Australia, crown and sash and will go on to represent Australia in Miss Trans Global’s international pageant, where she will compete for the crown and title of Miss Trans Global 2021. The winner of Miss Trans Global international pageant will also win prizes worth over US$5000.


  • Our winner must be intelligent, eloquent and creative in her production.
  • Miss Trans Global Australia must identify as trans feminine inclusive of transgender women and gender nonconforming individuals.
  • Our winner must have access to translators throughout the international competition if they are not fluent in English language.
  • Miss Trans Global Australia must be ready to advocate for transgender rights.
  • She must be ready to inspire and empower transgender people.
  • She must be of sound mind for the challenges.
  • She must be the citizen or resident of Australia.
  • She must be dedicated to the 2 months period of the international competition.


If you think you have what it takes to represent Australia on an international digital platform at Miss Trans Global, complete a submission form by the 31st January 2021. This will include a video audition, so ensure you have access to a smartphone that can produce HD (high definition) videos and images.


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