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“Trans Sisters United has a vision to bring together the transgender community while also collaborating with other organisations and businesses to promote a greater understanding and awareness…”

Trans Sisters United (TSU) is a Melbourne based community group that creates projects that benefit the transgender, gender diverse & cis-gender female community through advocacy, awareness and community collaboration.
Trans Sisters United’s humble beginnings started from a group of friends (also trans women) attending a film screening as part of Melbourne Queer Film Festival, where we were inspired by a short documentary featuring the Sistergirls of the Tiwi Islands.
This experience made us realize that we could use our privileges and knowledge to support our community and use our platform to elevate the voices of others within the transgender community. From these early conversations, Trans Sisters United was established by Co-founders Sasja Sÿdek, Rebeckah Loveday and trans activist Miss Katalyna.
Since the establishment of Trans Sisters United in early 2019 we have been working on a few projects and have taken part in events collaboration.

Our commitment

Trans Sisters United’s vision is to bring the transgender community, inclusive organisations, and businesses together to promote a greater understanding and awareness for our community to the broader population through advocacy, awareness and community collaboration.

Th!s Is Me!

The event that gives women a platform to shine… showcased 34 women, including TSU, who are apologetically fierce, strong and whole. These are real women, with real stories, with scars and who have fought battles and won. This event (Fashion Show) took place on International Women’s Day 2020 with all profits went to The Butterfly Foundation and Foothills Community Care – Community Meals Family Violence Support Group

A Weekend Together

The key purpose of this project is to promote awareness for the Sistergirls of the Tiwi Islands, documenting their unique and beautiful community while creating a cross-cultural sisterhood

Our Work

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